Bstroll steroid

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Ostashred contains Ostarine. Just finished a 7 weeks cycle on a Ostarine containing product (4 week bulk, 3 weeks cut). Can’t say I gained more muscle than what’s expected after one month bulk but I don’t think I lost much during the cut. What it really helped with and the reason I took it: it really accelerated the healing of my damaged knee. My dose was 10mg/day for one week and 20mg/day after that. In the first two and a half weeks I used no estrogen blocker, which wasn’t a very good idea, felt like shit. My erection strength and libido were okish but I’d say my T level dropped quite dramatically. No idea how much, blood work is next week. Feeling great one week after stopping. So, in conclusion: not much muscles gained or lost, faster recovery after lifting, a bit more weight lifted, really improved my knee. My first cycle and except for healing purposes, I see no point in it

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Bstroll steroid

b stroll steroid


b stroll steroidb stroll steroidb stroll steroid