Can steroids cause kidney failure

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I just found this site after being discharged from hospitalization for cholecystitis attack 2 days ago. I want to try the flush but I’m still tender all across the upper abdomen. Much imaging found not only gallstones, but left side kidney stones (no pain or symptoms) but 1 stone will be too large to pass should it leave the kidney. Will this flush cause kidney stones to dislodge as well as the gallstones? More info: ER ultrasound confirmed my severe URQ pain was indeed cholecystitis & I was admitted as doubled over in pain and needed IV fluids, morphine & antibiotics. The next day I felt good, no fever so they discharged me but set up additional imaging “for the future”. Reports below. I was released with script for Amox-Clav 850 2/day for 7 days which made me sick so had to stop after taking 2 due to tender gallbladder area with add’ll belly bloating & pain. Now taking Pepcid AC & barely eating & low grade fever is back. All calming slowly. Of note is that I found reports that Amox-Clav 850 can cause cholecystitis so I know why I had a set-back after being sent home! No clue why I was given something known to cause the problem I was admitted for!! The US report says “gallbladder contains multiple echogenic shadowing stones as well as surrounding mobile sludge with wall thickening up to 5 mm. Stones measuring in the 10-15 mm range in size”… liver is normal in size & contour….no intra or extrahepatic bilary ductal dilation. The common duct measures approx 5 mm in caliber. Portal venus flow is appropriately into the liver. Normal portal vein waveform.” The x-ray report says “multiple calcified gallstones”. My CT scan report says “Distended gallbladder with several calcified gallstones. Mild pericholecystic fluid & gallbladder wall thickening. There is no bilary ductal dilatation (dilation?) “Impression: Cholelithiasis with gallbladder wall thickening & pericholecystic fluid, concerning for acute cholecystitis.” Sorry to have written a book, but considering all of the above, especially the kidney stone potential issue, am I a candidate for a flush or two? Thank you!

Can steroids cause kidney failure

can steroids cause kidney failure


can steroids cause kidney failurecan steroids cause kidney failurecan steroids cause kidney failurecan steroids cause kidney failurecan steroids cause kidney failure