Did mcgwire use steroids

At this point, after years of arguing, it is amazing to still hear voices from such polar opposites. On many fronts, this is a generational thing and maybe the oldest and youngest among the voters are cocksure of their stances. I have read and thought about this matter far too much. I laid in bed thinking about it far too many nights to see this as anything less as the grayest debate of our sporting lifetimes. I refuse to demean somebody who votes one of these guys in and refuses to vote for the other. It isn’t clean. The game wasn’t clean.

Due to the infrequent addition of members into the 50 home run club, Baseball Digest called it "a restrictive fraternity comprising slugging elite" [21] in 1954, when there were only six members. Of the seventeen members eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame , eight have been elected and three were elected on the first ballot. Eligibility requires that a player has "been retired five seasons" or deceased for at least six months, [22] disqualifying four active players and five players who have been retired for less than five seasons. Some believe the milestone has become less important with the large number of new members; [23] [24] fifteen players joined the club on a total of 24 occasions from 1995 to 2010. [6] Additionally, several of these recent members have had ties to performance-enhancing drugs . [25] [26] [27] [28]

Did mcgwire use steroids

did mcgwire use steroids


did mcgwire use steroidsdid mcgwire use steroidsdid mcgwire use steroidsdid mcgwire use steroidsdid mcgwire use steroids