Influenza treatment steroids

In November 2008, the USDA released a draft risk assessment tool for contracting HPAI from eating poultry products, shell eggs, and egg products ( USDA 2008 ). The tool is intended to be used by risk managers for decision-making when determining possible interventions following detection of HPAI in a poultry flock in the United States. The risk assessment also can be used to target risk communication messages, identify and prioritize research needs, and provide a framework for coordinating prevention and control efforts with stakeholders.

Antiviral medications are sometimes used to treat the flu. These medications can help shorten the duration of the flu and reduce symptoms if they are taken within 2 days of the start of symptoms. Antiviral medications are also recommended to prevent flu infection for some people. Antivirals can be used to prevent flu in children and adults after they come into close contact with a person who has the flu, such as flu-infected people who live in the same household. Generally, this is not recommended for most people; however, antivirals may be recommended for people at risk for flu complications. In these situations, antiviral medications should be started as soon as possible after becoming exposed to the person with the flu. Your doctor can decide whether you should start antiviral medications.

Influenza treatment steroids

influenza treatment steroids


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