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The houseguests are a group of very competitive and ambitious people, and they all have worked on their plans to win the contest. Graf has a plan, too. She says, “I’m going out to find the best male competitor in the game and the two of us are going to clean house!” Graf is hell bent on winning this season of Big Brother and says that she is not looking for romance on the show. “I’m here for the money, I’m here to not only win, But I want to win so that if Big Brother does an All-Star season, I can do back-to-back seasons and then win back-to-back seasons. And that’s never been done before,” she added. So, the other houseguests better watch out, as the 26-year-old could very well walk away with the top prize! After all, her life’s motto is, “Do it with passion, or not at all.”

The 26-year-old is originally from Rhode Island, but currently lives in . working with people who have "high demands" as a concierge, as she said in her meet the cast interview . She also said she'll use the "people pleasing" skills she's gained from her job to help her in the house. According to Jessica's Big Brother bio , she considers herself to be honest, loud, and loyal. She loves "going out to eat long meals with great people," and is not looking forward to giving up her summer of travel to "share a toilet with 15 other people." (I mean, fair point.)

Jessie big brother steroids

jessie big brother steroids


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