My experience taking steroids

I too have found benefit with vitamin b3 but with the niacimamide version rather than the flush version. the trouble is the benefit runs out after a month. I have taken methylfolate before, the first time I felt worse so dropped it. the next year I took it I noticed nothing, and now when I tried at triple the dose from before I am getting more motivation,though its not enough to get me back to what I was. I had asked others online about the methyl b12 possibly ruining my cognition and motivation and everyone doubted it, so it was interesting to read your post were you had the same issues as me but on methyl-folate. and you also benefited from B3, which is the opposite of what most people experience.
Mucuna Puriens also helps (boosts dopamine),me but the trouble with that is your transmitters can down regulate to it quickly and you have to space it out when you take it.

I love your website and so confused on skin care i don’t know where to start, thinking of getting clarisonic mia 2 to start then talk to dermatologist for suggestions for care of skin, there is so much information and products that I am at a loss on what to start with, I am 50 also and don’t have allot of cash to spend on cosmetic procedures I have kids to put thru college but I want to take care of me also, love your info and love listening to you your a great help for us older woman keep on making videos and suggestions help!

My experience taking steroids

my experience taking steroids


my experience taking steroidsmy experience taking steroidsmy experience taking steroidsmy experience taking steroidsmy experience taking steroids