Receptores citoplasmaticos de hormonas esteroideas

Intracellular receptors are activated by cell-permeant or lipophilic signaling molecules ( Figure ). Many of these receptors lead to the activation of signaling cascades that produce new mRNA and protein within the target cell. Often such receptors comprise a receptor protein bound to an inhibitory protein complex. When the signaling molecule binds to the receptor, the inhibitory complex dissociates to expose a DNA-binding domain on the receptor. This activated form of the receptor can then move into the nucleus and directly interact with nuclear DNA, resulting in altered transcription. Some intracellular receptors are located primarily in the cytoplasm, while others are in the nucleus. In either case, once these receptors are activated they can affect gene expression by altering DNA transcription.

Innate immunity is an evolutionarily conserved system that provides the body's first line of defense against invading viral and microbial pathogens and helps maintain homeostasis by regulating endogenous processes such as inflammation and cell death. It relies on specialized receptors known as pattern recognition receptors (PRRs), which recognize specific pathogen-associated molecular patterns ( PAMPs ), which are common to microbes but not to mammals, and damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs), which are molecules released by the host's own tissue (. from dying cells) or by the environment (. toxins). Upon detection of PAMPs and DAMPs, certain PRRs trigger an inflammatory response that leads to efficient destruction of the invading pathogens. New PRRs and their ligands are constantly being discovered.

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Receptores citoplasmaticos de hormonas esteroideas

receptores citoplasmaticos de hormonas esteroideas


receptores citoplasmaticos de hormonas esteroideasreceptores citoplasmaticos de hormonas esteroideasreceptores citoplasmaticos de hormonas esteroideasreceptores citoplasmaticos de hormonas esteroideasreceptores citoplasmaticos de hormonas esteroideas