Recreate anabolic pump stack

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1) You mentioned stacking Recreate with Jack3d. Since Jack3d comes with caffeine already, wouldn’t it be overdoing using Jack3d and Recreate together?
2) Recreate suppresses diet/hunger according to the label. Wouldn’t it interfere with the protein packed-muscle building diet since you have to keep eating in order to gain muscle?
3) I am on extremely strict high protein diet and perform workout/cardio on regular basis. Will stacking Recreate with Jack3d enable me to stick out my existing six pack? Currently my six pack is only visible in the morning.
4) While mentioning the recommended stacking of creatine with Jack3d above, you stated the 3rd option as three scoops of Jack3d. The Jack3d label states not to take more than two scoops of Jack3d. Thoughts?
5) Here’s my current daily meal plan and stacking. Please give your expert advise on how I am doing. My goal is to gain muscle while getting ripped!

Recreate anabolic pump stack

recreate anabolic pump stack


recreate anabolic pump stackrecreate anabolic pump stack