Renvex winstrol

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Darrenhainey 0 2 months 2 weeks ago
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renvex tren a is working well night sweats and revex test c working to oily skin switch my dianabol from as labs to pro chem labs and getting bad back pumps hope to gain 10 kg from this have got as labs tren a too but will have to wait a few more week before I use it but gave it the taste test bit spicy so looks good but time will tell not much pip from revex tren a and no pip from the test going to be running the tren for 12 weeks and test for 10 if I can handle the sides was thinking of adding anadrol for the last 6 weeks as I got it from the same source but will see how it Gos … got my pct on hand
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As labs test is good but as labs dianabol is very weak and signature pharma tren a is 100% bunk 100mg eod for 4 week and no effect but renvex tren a seems to be working for me night sweats not much pip from the tren a and no pip from the test c hope to add 10 kg from the tren a and dianabol & the test switch my dianabol from as labs to pro chem and got bad back pumps
Summary: I’ve order and have recevied my order in 2 days. The packaging was discreet and firmly wrapped. I have ordered Tren a test c and dianabol and have been using product(s) for 58 days.
I recommend this supplier.
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THIS IS NOT A REVIEW!Read the rules!
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siegmund 460 2 months 3 weeks ago (In reply to GROCS)
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my friend I apologize,but a 21 day minium , . Also a 42 day minium for long esters , before you can review … Also to be feeling test cycp after days. ??? Speaking for myself I question that if you told me you were running test prop, agree . But. , to give a honest review ,I . Ty for

Hey guys I'm considering running this first time ever touching steroids and have 2 questions. First question is say I run this for 8 weeks and then never take anything like this again but continue to lift obviously, will I keep my gains or will they steadily drop off? Second question Is way more important to me, I have quite severe gyno since I was 12 and have surgery to remove it, they do leave a little bit of gland just behind the nipple so there is no crater (unless you specifically demand it all removed) but even if they do remove it all there is no chance they will get 100%. Is there is a chance doing this will cause gyno all over again especially since I have a history of it?

Renvex winstrol

renvex winstrol


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