Steroid era timeline

Although injuries have not been new to baseball, the number of injuries seemed to be on the rise as more multi-sport players chose baseball over football in the 1980s and 1990s. Many of these players lifted weights for football, and muscle tears and pulls seemed to be running rampant throughout baseball at this time. Weight lifting helped to drive the ball far, but swinging the bat and chasing pitches requires more flexibility in addition to all the power and strength. Many players started to realize that steroids would help significantly reduce the recovery time from many of these injuries that seemed to be byproducts of playing the game with all the extra bulk.

Canseco's second book, Vindicated , was released to much less fanfare than his first, Juiced . The new book contained two passed lie-detector tests among allegations of drug use by then Chhicago White Sox star, Magglio Ordonex. Canseco also claimed to have introduced Alex Rodriguez to a known steroid dealer/trainer. Rodriguez had not been previously implicated. The book also recounted an off-camera exchange between Canseco and 60 Minutes host, Mike Wallace, inquired about how steroids and human growth hormone might Wallace, who was in his eighties.

We each have one advantage over each other. WWE has a very big advantage over us, because they can show footage of everything they’re talking about. They can show matches. They can show angles, interviews, because they own pretty much every library out there. Our advantage over them is that we can be honest. They can’t. They can’t from a liability standpoint, and because they would be dredging up a lot of stuff that they would really like to never see the light of day again. They can’t put unsanitized opinions out, because it’s commentary on their company. So I feel that we do operate in a state of grace. And no matter how much they attempt to emulate shoot programming, they always have to have a leg in the work. Because sometimes the truth is a dark dirty story, and they can’t go there. I understand why they can’t. But that’s their disadvantage. They’ve tried to emulate what they’ve seen in the shoot industry. They’ve emulated a lot of our material very blatantly. If they use that as inspiration, I guess that’s fine, provided there’s no trademark violation. But I know that we will always have that upper-hand. Because they can’t let their guard down, and let the stars say exactly what they want to.

Steroid era timeline

steroid era timeline


steroid era timelinesteroid era timelinesteroid era timelinesteroid era timelinesteroid era timeline