Steroid eye drops maxidex

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I had Cataract Surgery done July 27, 2016 and post operatively, have had to instill many different types of eye drops!!!! Antibiotics, 2 different types of antinflammatories , for a short time IOP lowering drops and lubrication drops!

My vision is not good in that eye now! It fluctuates second to second, minute to minute, hour to hour, etc! I can sometimes see somewhat clearly and other times, I cannot make out the large E on the Snelling Eye Chart!!!

They deny its Sarcoidosis related, No diagnosis of uveitis and state my problem is related to Dry Eye!!! My cornea in that eye is inflamed and so they think it is related to using Prednisolone eye drops post op and have instructed me to stop them! I did but on Thursday when I revisit Eye doctor , we will how cornea looks as I don't see a significant change!!!

Has anyone else had this same experience?

Steroid eye drops maxidex

steroid eye drops maxidex


steroid eye drops maxidexsteroid eye drops maxidexsteroid eye drops maxidex