Steroid shots for hair

Hi Jass. I came across your videos and liked your hair journey alopecia free. I do not know whether what i have is alopecia. But i lost most of my middle hair for about 5 years now. Am totally bald and i tried using the black Jamaican castor oil, coconut oil Swiss hair products and many different masks and other . Last year December i shaved off my entire hair hoping to regrow my bald spot and i was desperite. And i thought I was doomed and bald at a very young age. I really need your help. Am in Africa, Namibia. I do not know if you do shipping this side.

The shots definitely helped A LOT with Elsie, but we still need to take steps to minimize the allergens in our home. Elsie is also allergic to dust – which often means dust mites. We’ve found that using dust mite covers on our mattresses and pillows helped us, so if Napoleon sleeps near your bed, it’s possible it could help him too. You’ll want to regularly wash Napoleon’s bedding too. The dehumidifier is also supposed to be very good at keeping down the mites – we use ours throughout the year, as we live in a pretty humid climate. Keeps down mold too (another allergen). I guess there isn’t one right answer, we all just need to try to find the best combination of steps that works for our pet and our family.

5mg a day was too much and he was having bad side effects, extreme lethargy, he stopped eating,and drinking and his diarrhea actually got worse. Half a pill ever other day was not enough his stool was normal the first day then back to diarrhea the second. Half a pill mg a day seems to be the formula that works for him. He tolerates it well,and his stool remains normal. Mischief is much more active and healthy now,and is actually gaining weight. I am very pleased. Like I said I think it saved his life. Also the drug is very inexpensive $10 bucks a month

Steroid shots for hair

steroid shots for hair


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