Steroids after shoulder surgery

I still have several weeks of stretching exercises to perform before I’m completely recovered from the procedure. I’m not out of the woods yet with a full recovery but I can honestly say that I would have not progressed this far and recovered so quickly had I continued in the path with the physical therapy. I’m able to do things now that I would have never dreamt of doing in this short of a time period after having work done on my frozen shoulder. This procedure is truly the way to rid the frozen shoulder problems. I highly recommend if you have been experiencing frozen shoulder symptoms, that you look into having this procedure done and get your life back to where it should be. There is light at the end of the tunnel and by having this treatment performed you will see things change for the better and much sooner than any other methods. That light is getting brighter every day for me!

I just read in your posts you put on 25 lbs of muscle during a cycle from 153 to 178 lbs and you are 21 years old. That probably has a lot to do with your injury. Your tendons and ligaments grow and strengthen much more slowly than muscle when juicing. You should be asking questions like this when you are 41 not 21. Veterans will tell you that at your weight to lay off the roids, gain as much as you can through hard work and diet. When you can't gain any more naturally, consider a beginner cycle, and last but not least, try masturbating with your other hand to give the shoulder a rest. Your are seriously risking your long term health and wasting a lot of money taking even more AAS.

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Steroids after shoulder surgery

steroids after shoulder surgery


steroids after shoulder surgerysteroids after shoulder surgerysteroids after shoulder surgerysteroids after shoulder surgerysteroids after shoulder surgery